Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm skinny. I'm slender, thin, twiggy, emaciated.

Other women seem to think the best way to "bond" is to walk up and chat up diet and excercize, to say things like "Oh, I hate women like you. You have so much self control."

Ha. Talk to my husband, who is almost horrified by the amount of chocolate and sweet potatoes I can consume (not together).

And I hate that the corn allergy thing is lumped with my figure. No, I'm not anorexic because there's nothing left to eat. The corn may have played a significant part in causing intestinal damage that prevents me from gaining weight well, the celiac certainly did. But there are foods that I should be able to eat. If it were a matter of allergy, I'd function within the confines of my diet. Corn allergy (etc) certainly complicates things, but there's more. And no one seems to know what it is.

Even more, I worry about raising two girls in a society that places deep value in calorie counts, pounds, and the size on a clothing tag.

People tell me they're so busy between work and parenting they can't find time to "lose weight". People with perfectly acceptable, natural, healthy looking curves tell me this. And I can't find the words to say I wish I had the energy to be that busy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My mother's day weekend didn't get off to much of a start.

Yesterday morning the kids woke me with a battle about whether or not I should open gifts on Saturday. There was a lot of high pitched screaming as one or the other attempted to protect their secrets from being spilled, thankfully it was resolved before I decided to simply call off the entire holiday.
Then came the news that a beloved childhood pet passed on late Friday night.
We agreed to stay in and mope.

However, this morning managed to pull into a lovely start. My oldest fondly recalls making soap together when she was little, and dh found someone to help her make (hopefully) safe soap for me. My youngest made a lovely coupon book, and instead of filling it with things like "good for one night free from washing dishes" she filled it with wishes that make me grin. I thought I'd share a few here. :-)

*I love my Mother. There's (almost) no one who loves you more than me.
*I'll clean the Earth for you.
* I wish you would lose all your allergies. [This one made me cry]
*I wish I could plant flowers for you and make them grow overnight.

I'll treasure it always.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The Swine Flu

I'm not panicking.

Maybe there's something wrong with me?
The schools have repeatedly reassured me that there's no reason to panic. My Mother in law sent an email to my husband letting him know it was nothing to be too concerned about yet.

And all I can think is...well, obviously.

So far, the biggest concern is that the CDC doesn't "know" everything they want to know about the "new flu". It's breaking out in May, which is new as far as I can remember (Spring and summer are the end of the illness routine. Everyone tells me that when the kids invariably come down with something this time of year.) The vast majority of people who are sick have recovered without the use of antiviral drugs.

As far as I can see, it's just the flu; taking a different path than the one predicted by scientists.

Now, I don't mean to be callous. I hate being sick as much as the next guy. I'll whine, maybe not quite as loudly as my husband, but I'll certainly commiserate. But the recommendations are...wash hands frequently. Don't come to work or school when you're running a fever. And cough into your sleeve.

Isn't that normal? Its always been my pet peeve that people drag themselves to work or school with fevers and sit there hacking up a lung. It's rude, and dangerous to those with compromised immune systems. And it doesn't matter if we know what the virus (or bacteria) is or not, if the wrong person contracts it, that illness can be fatal.

I'm much more concerned about food allergies. Which are rising steadily, or were at the last time they were studied, at a rate of about 20% a year. And food allergy mortality is unknown because the CDC does not consider it a reportable event. The figure appears to fall between 1 and 200 confirmed deaths a year (with a suspected 50% of cases being misdiagnosed)

If your throat swells shut because you swallow some soy lecithin, the CDC could care less. (Especially since doctors repeatedly tell us that lecithin has NO protein left and therefore will not cause anaphylaxis despite occasional evidence to the contrary. Note that I'm carefully avoiding the subject of corn.) But, report some body aches with a fever over 100* caused by an unusual strain of influenza (which seems to pass quickly albeit uncomfortably) and they will call a national emergency.

Wonder how many petrochemicals are in the recommended treatment? Rehydration therapies are generally loaded with colorful ingredients and flavorings; at least the pediatric versions. And from the rainbow of meds I've seen on store shelves while seeking safe pain killers, I'd bet any drugs they offer are just as colorful.