Thursday, April 23, 2015

Some days,  I wish I'd never learned to read.  That I could unknow the stories, the facts, the questions...and the nonanswers to those questions.

I want to pull the wool over my eyes and focus on a small aspect of the world.  Or maybe I want to hug my kids and hide on a deserted island, far away from the knowledge of global warming, GMOs and mandatory vaccination schedules (regardless of religious beliefs, and eliminating any questions from parents regarding safety and appropriateness).

What I really want to hide from, though, are the people discussing these items.  Rather than a whole picture image, I see people discussing small aspects.  I see severe judgements made based on tiny portions of information taken out of context.

We need to remember that all parents are parents.  Regardless of income level, or education achieved, or time and effort they've put into researching the latest in parenting techniques, they area still parents.  As such, most have their child's best interest in mind when they are making decisions.

What's more, each child is an individual and will respond differently or require different parenting tactics.  Each child needs a different medical approach.  A unique education based on their individual needs and learning styles and ability.  There is no "one size fits all" approach to life.  Neither is there a single approach to parenting, or health care, or lifestyles in general.

Whatever happened to mistakes being learning lessons?  How does one grow as an individual if they aren't free to explore their personal beliefs, and to act on them?  Presuming, of course, that the consequences of their actions are less likely to impact others than themselves.

We're so busy attacking the trees; we miss the forest.  And then it's gone.

Come on, folks.  Think.  Respect.  Trust.
Is that really so much to ask?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sometimes I have to laugh...

I was advised that I should probably cut back on the red meat and soda.
Done...I don't eat red meat and haven't had a soda in 20 years.
The next suggestion was that maybe I should entirely cut out fast food and soda.
Again...done.  I literally have not had a soda in 20 years or more.
"Or it could just be stress..."

Yup.  That ubiquitous stress.

Honestly, I think it's all that chocolate I eat when I don't have time for a proper dinner.  :-)   I need to be nicer to my pancreas.