Friday, May 27, 2016

Corn/allergen free Nausea Remedy

Lately I've been struggling with stomach issues.  I don't know if there's some low level of corn exposure (Although I suspect some environmental issues that I am having trouble mitigating); but there is definitely something not right going on.  I've lost weight, my digestive tract is out of sorts, they've pointed out that with my low weight some of my internal organs and the loops in my colon are being dragged downward with gravity and probably aren't helping anything.  Even though that's supposed to be a symptom free kind of thing.  It's "nothing to worry about".  But the nausea...the nausea drives me crazy!    

Anyways, a friend suggested a very simple recipe that has been a true gift.  It doesn't cure me, but like the queasy-beads dh gave me for Christmas, it definitely takes the edge off.  

Bonus: Entirely allergen friendly.  Unless you are allergic to ginger root.  

Ginger Water:  

1 piece of ginger root

This is simply an infusion.  Mr Violets is awesome, and peels and dices a whole ginger root for me at a time so we can keep it in the freezer.  We take about 1/2-1 tsp and put it in a teaball.  Place the teaball in a 32 oz glass water bottle.  Fill with filtered water (room temperature or cold) and keep it in the fridge.  It's ready to drink after about 24-36 hours.  The tea ball/ginger need to be removed after day 3 or it starts to get bitter.  You can add honey or sugar, I'm loving it plain.  I imagine a bit of lemon or mint would go nicely, too.  

I don't know why I never thought of it before!  I've made tea, and chilled tea, but it isn't the same.  This is a lighter, more refreshing drink.  It's just so nice to have something to sip that isn't water! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I was at the grocery store when a woman commented that she's trying to eat more healthfully, and wants to try meatless mondays.  The trouble is she just doesn't know how to make anything vegetarian taste good.  (She was studying a pack of soy hot dogs with a rather suspicious air)

I told her I thought the best thing to do was to start simple, and focus on foods that don't require fake meat to taste good or be "normal".  Maybe try vegetable lasagne instead of a meat version.
(How do you make it without meat sauce? -- the question seemed genuine.)
Or split pea soup? (Mmm, she thought she might have a hambone at home...)
Er...A lot of mexican food is actually traditionally meat free and low dairy...just use refried beans (You don't add ground beef?  She interrupted, scandalized.)
Um...Vegetable soup?  (Her trick is to use beef stock instead of vegetable boullion)

Well...what about a nice dinner salad once in a while?  (This seemed to puzzle her, so I continued)  You know...really jazz up a green salad with whatever extra veggies are in your fridge, dice a tomato and add some nuts or a sprinkle of canned could even chop up a hardboiled egg for protein.  But focus on the variety of veggies...I trailed off as her eyes lit up.
(And a bit of bacon crumbled on top!  That sounds divine.)

She then thanked me for my ideas.  She didn't realize there were so many vegetarian options out there.
I think I missed something...