Thursday, August 28, 2014

My daughter looks at me with reproach, tears glistening on her cheeks.
I'm putting dinner away.  It comprised of (gluten free) pasta, a stir fry involving onions, garlic, spinach and eggplant, and a couple of chopped up turkey burgers, with parmesan and canned red sauce on the side.  (The kids don't like homemade red sauce)  There was also the option of salad, but no one was interested.

"I'm hungry!"
There's still plenty here, if you'd like.
"Why don't we ever eat REAL food?"
What do you mean?
"We don't have any real food in this house."
What is real food?
"You know...stuff you don't have to wash, or cut or cook or 'prepare'."
I raise an eyebrow at her.
"Like crackers.  Or cereal.  Or yoghurt.  Or pizza."
Those aren't necessarily 'real' food.
"Normal people think it is!"

Um, okay.
For the record, all of the things she cited, except for pizza, are in my fridge or cupboards.  They just aren't full of artificial colors.  Making them...fake, I guess?
Kids are weird.