Sunday, April 23, 2006

First Entry

Everyone talks about Blogging. Its fun, its exciting, do you have a blog?

Um, no. I'm not sure what to focus it on. I don't know what to write about. I have WAY too much to write about. (Should I start with my daughters migraines? Or the journey into food allergies? Or escape from the inescapable IBS? Or maybe something simple, scrapbooking? Parenting? Living on a shoestring in a gold chain society? What of my many passions? And what if I get bored and decide to change my focus?) I love writing. I love sharing my research, whatever it is I'm researching at the moment. But a whole Blog? About...What? My research tends to change as my needs for it do.

But then, a phrase jumped out at me. Its one I hear all the time, and I'm not sure why I didn't think of it sooner.

The one root cause of all of society's problems (no, its not money, nor the love of money.) Stress. Got a headache? Its just stress. A cold? Stress'll do that to you. Can't find your car keys? You know, you're just too stressed out. Car won't start? Ease up a little, too much stress on the clutch. Even the Drs are getting in on the action. If I had a dime for every Stress diagnosis I've been given for myself or my kids (better yet, the $20 dollar copay they charged for it) I could probably put myself through med school. Then I'd be legally able to diagnose myself! With, er, Stress, of course.

So, thats how I came up with the title for this Blog. I may write about anything, now that the hard part is over. I may write about nothing. But now, you all know. Its just 'cause I'm stressed. ;)

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