Saturday, August 09, 2008

And now I'm a dinosaur...

Ah, kids. They say the funniest things.
My kids do, anyways.

We were recently blessed with the visit of my 3 year old niece. At lunch time, she politely clambored up on a chair, ready to share the meal, but was just barely tall enough to see over the table.

I, of course, told my oldest to grab the phone book.

Blank stare.

"The what?"
"The phone book. You know, that big yellow book over on the shelf under the cookbooks."
She shook her head. My youngest piped up to tell me we didn't have a phone book.
I told them we did. I described it. I mentioned it as the thing we use to look up phone numbers sometimes.

My oldest frowned. "Uh, mommy, that's what the computer is for!"

And that's not all. After I finished laughing, and agreed with her, and my niece pointed out that she was a big girl and really didn't want to sit on a "boost" anyway (She could use her knees just fine); my kids asked more about the mysterious phone book. First I pointed out that we do have one, a current one, they just don't see me use it very often. (It's not like I call for take out every, well, ever actually...)I told them that the phone company sends it out and people used to use it all the time to look up phone numbers and addresses of stores and even each other. I used to sit on one at my Grandma's house when I was little.

My youngest nodded sagely said "Oh, you mean before they had TV."

And my oldest wanted to know if the radio had been invented yet.

What will they do when I confess that I used to have to find my way around without GPS?

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Von said...

LOL that's hilarious! Guess I'm a dinosaur too. Eek who'd have thought we'd get this "old".

"Back when I was young..." we can't be that old yet. I won't allow it! :)