Friday, January 02, 2009

It's a New Year...

Happy New Years!

2008 was...long. It was chalk full of good and bad, and yet the two went hand in hand so that I couldn't extract one from the other even if I were to try.

For anyone wondering, my reaction is subsiding. The last little bit (the part that drove me over the edge) was tracked down to a parenting choice. I chose to expose myself to airborne corn and gluten rather than leave my daughter crying at girl scouts. I don't know if I would change that decision, although I've been trying really hard to deny that it was what pushed me over the edge.

My abdomen still feels bruised, but I'm doing better and certainly more cheerful. The turn in my mood coming just in time to enjoy the final night of Hanukkah lights, and the warmth of good company. (A cold has since struck, but since my reaction to waking up with a scratchy throat and fever was to fall back in the pillows and laugh until I couldn't breathe, I think it's safe to say I'm feeling better.)

I just filled the freezer with gluten free brownies (that won't last long); there's a pot of rice in the fridge to make fried rice out of and a can of theoretically corn free tuna I'm debating about guinea pigging.

The big question I really want to be a guinea pig when I've bee sick for a month? And the answer being no. But, I also want a low-fiber form of protein besides eggs. So I'm still flirting with the thought of tuna.

My list of New Years Resolutions is relatively simple and some of them utterly un-American Woman.

* Gain 10 pounds. Or however much I need to make that freaky floating rib disappear when I'm changing anywhere near a mirror.

* Find 3 recipes everyone in the family can and will eat. Healthy recipes...not desserts.

* Read. I'm thinking of taking the alphabet challenge...26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet. But I want to read non-fiction, too. I really want to brush up on current allergy/intolerance's just that some of it makes me too mad to continue.

*Make my dollars count. I'm going to strive to think about what each dollar represents, look for American Made goods and (ouch) pay a little extra to support local business. (I only said a LITTLE extra).

*Re-feather our nest egg. I still want a house before the kids grow up and jump ship...And a car that isn't a money pit.

As for last years resolutions?

They were cheesy.
But I did it.
I reintroduced pinto beans and peas to my diet; broadening my options a lot.
I also did a decent job avoiding plastic. The only plastic bags I brought into the house were from our Disney trip (I totally forgot to bring bags on vacation) and the Mervyn's clearance sale; when their clearance policy required purchases to be stapled into plastic bags. And we put enough into savings to keep us in our home (without selling our souls to the bank) until my husband found a job after his company went under.

Life's good.


Noe said...

Three recipes... I think that may be the most challenging resolution-and perhaps the most fun too. It seems as though 2009 is the year for reading, you're the third person I know who has made reading a part of their resolution. I did that last year, with great success. I fully admit that my OCD approach made it almost too easy but hey... whatever works. Glad to hear you're feeling better and as for the tuna-go for it! But give yourself a couple weeks to feel normal first-just to be safe! :D

Violets said...

I think if the littlest here would be a bit less picky, things would be easier. But we've already proven that starvation only makes her more stubborn. Even when she's given free access to what I want her to eat. :(

And I just got a stack of books from the, to finish them!