Saturday, March 14, 2009

Its hard to be a kid with allergies...

"So, Penguin, what's the best thing that happened today?"
I'm regaled with an account of being lunch helper and...guess what? We're having an ice cream party!
"Um, awesome. When?"
"Oh. Do I need to bring something?"
"Do they know that you're dairy free and gluten free?"
Face falls.
"Okay, well, who's organizing it? I'll call and make sure that you get something too."
I don't know. The lunch people, I think. The kids know I have food allergies.
"I see. Is there something I can do?"
"I'm sorry kiddo. So, um, what's the worst thing that happened today?"
Pause. We're having an ice cream party.

I feel like a rotten parent. :-(
(This exchange occurred on Thursday. Luckily, she got a juice bar that was free of all allergens including dye. She was walking on air, and I'm happy to was I.)

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