Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stress vs Snow

"I can't even go skiing!" 

"Uh, Hm, huh, wha?"  I watch as a range of emotions parade across my husbands face, not one of them shock, horror, or even righteous indignition.  He finally settles on a confused "Um, Hon?  You don't want to ski.  You'd freeze." 

My husband must have thought I'd lost my mind.  After a long day at work, followed by a long day in the hobby shop (working with metal), this was how I greet him at the door.

With indignation at the idea that ski slopes are off limits to me.
He's right, I don't even want to go skiing.  Or tobogganing.  And it's not like I can sit by a toasty fireplace sipping hot cocoa while watching everyone else build snowmen (I'd probably lose my feet and most of my fingers to frostbite just trying to help unload the car.  My fingers turn a lovely shade of blue when I drop Bumblebee off at school each morning.  Which isn't as disturbing as their lack of sensation.)
But I don't think that the idea of placing corn-seeded artificial snow on the slopes is really all that hot of a plan either.  What about other uncornies?  (The ones who don't turn blue?)  What about the environment (Not that hundreds of visitors whizzing by on skis is all that hot for a mountaintop)?  What about common sense?

Where's that corn going to end up?

Oh, right.  It's environmentally friendly.

That's why artificial snow displays which include plastic snow also include corn.  And if it will be in a relatively dry area, corny soap flakes.

I'd post more links but the act of ice freezing and refreezing creates something known as "corn snow"  This has nothing to do with real corn.  Artificial snow, on the other hand, is made using real corn.  Regardless of whether it creates corn snow.  Please note that the microcrystalline cellulose referenced in one of the above articles is a corn derivative that many, if not most, uncornies react to.  It's used in a variety of medical applications due to it's otherwise apparently innocuous effects.  There's no protein, and it's inactive, so most doctors will tell you it can't possibly be the culprit. 

So if you're uncorny...don't de-stress on the slopes without thoroughly checking out their usage of artificial snow and the nucleating agent used if they do seed the slopes.  Vacations should make you feel better.  Not put you in bed. 

I hope the microcrystalline cellulose doesn't make it into the water supply. 

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Von said...

Hey great post.. funny and educational I love it. Sorry I've been so out of everything the last few years? has it been years? Anyway, I was wondering if you could post this on the News Blog as well? its some really great information that most people would no even think to research.