Friday, March 05, 2010

Fourth trip to the pharmacy in 4 weeks.

Even though they assured the neurologist that they did have a safe medication for us, when I got there I found that the first ingredient was lactose monohydrate.  Which Penguin has reacted to in blind trials of medication.  (namely the sudafed incidents--store brand okay, name brand not.)

I give up!  Okay, I don't give up.  But I sure am frustrated.  And if I were the neurologist, I'd be frustrated too.  There should be an easier way to determine safe medications.  They can't check other headache formulas and give the doctor a list of what they have that's free of blue dye and lactose?  They have to fill them one by one?  Ugh!  And they have to argue with me each step of the way.  One argument including the fact that they do have a hospital emergency room right on sight if I want to give it a try "right now".  (Um, she doesn't have a headache this instant and if I were expecting anaphylaxis, giving her something likely to cause anaphylaxis would be cruel, unusual and criminal.) 

If this keeps up, I'm going to need migraine medecine.  I've got a headache already.

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