Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools

Most people diagnosed with a corn allergy for the first time, breathe a sigh of relief.  At least it isn't something really hard, like gluten or dairy.
And then they read the list, and check their calendar.
Today's April Fools day, and I can't help but thinking it should also be Corn Allergy Awareness day.  (Or maybe April 2nd should be...when the realization that it ISN'T a joke sinks in).  Because as surreal as food restrictions seem, especially ones that extend to medication and what an animal ate before it was slaughtered not to mention the slaughtering process, they are real.  And many of us lead a surreal life in order to actually live...or at least, in the hopes of actually LIVING.  Breathing.  Dreaming.  Enjoying.
It seems crazy.  Which is why it's important to keep our sense of humor.  It helps deal with uncomfortable situations like the side-long glance when you turn down water for a corn allergy (Yeah, well, certain brands...)  Or when you have to go sit on a porch because the host decided to pop some corn, or did some nice deep cleaning before you got there.  You see...April 2nd really would be the ideal awareness day...humor mixed with reality, and acceptance.
And since April is also the month for Autism Awareness, let's expand it to be the month to solve puzzles in healthcare...and accept that there is more than we understand about the body, not just something to blame on stress.

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