Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Thanksgiving, a little late

I've been having trouble feeling grateful lately.  My daughter is still struggling.  She has Anxiety Disorder, and it's not very well controlled at the moment. And to make matters worse, it sounds like something went wrong in her school records.  So not only are we dealing with the repercussions of misunderstandings leading to contradictory therapy, there's no record of any of her issues to begin with.
But, this is a season of Thanksgiving.  Not just Thanksgiving, but of miracles too.  (It is, after all, Hanukkah)
So, I'm trying to think of all the things I have to be thankful for.  And I've hit on one in particular.
It's hard to deal with anxiety as a kid.  It's hard to have panic attacks where you can't breathe and your tummy hurts.  And then, you can't help but snap at your friends.
When kids are in middle school, it's hard just to be different.  Different kids get picked on.  It's not okay to cry.  It's not cool to be seen with your mom.  In other words, anxiety disorders and middle school kids really don't mix.  They're like water and oil.
But some kids in middle school struggle.  Some struggle openly.
Today, I'm grateful for the parents who take the time to try to help their kids understand how hard it is to be different.  The ones who help their kids continue to be a friend to mine, even when she's not able to reciprocate very well.
I'm thankful for the continued birthday invitations, and playdate offers.  The understanding waves.  The heartfelt notes that invite my child over, and preface understanding that she may back out at the last minute.
I'm grateful for the look of concern, followed by confident voices because adults we know have learned the best way to react for her sake.

I suppose, in short, I'm grateful for true friends.

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We love you guys!