Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've been sitting a lot lately.  In public parks, in waiting rooms, even at the dog park.  I can't help eavesdropping.  It's not even eavesdropping...I'm in plain sight, and greet the people around me, then sit.  And listen.  
I find that no matter the age of the people around me, conversations often turn to the same thing.  Other people.  
It's amazing how easy it is to bond over the criticism of a mutual friend.  Clothes, spending, parenting (or dog training) techniques, are all up for judgement.  
And then, invariably, the victim shows up and is greeted with open arms.  
I suppose this is part of human nature.  And maybe I'm just more aware of it because October is Bully Free month.  Or maybe it's because our Girl Scout troop is focusing on dealing with bullies in our lives.  
I know I've been there.  Done the same type of thing.  I've been the topic of conversation more than once.  I've even had people strike up a conversation about me at the same table I'm sitting at.  Which can be as amusing as it is uncomfortable.  
Lately, I can't help but notice how...high school it all is.  
Perhaps we never really outgrow high school.  But maybe, just maybe we should.  
Which is why I'm making a conscious effort to be nicer to those I know who are a victim of these conversations.  And I'm (trying) to keep my discussions about others positive.  Acknowledging quirks, accepting differences, and sending out prayers that they have peace, or support, or whatever is appropriate.  
It's what I want my kids to do.  It's what I want them to emulate.  It's my little way to be the change, for whatever it's worth.  

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