Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day...beyond food.

It's here. Friday the thirteenth...of February. This is the cause of much celebration in the homes of young girls (and boys, I'm sure). Today is the day of the school VaLeNtInEs DaY party! Yay!!!

Of course, this means cookies, and cupcakes, and (thanks to the new "healthy food in the classrooms" initiative) a fruit plate and veggie tray. Not to mention lovely party bags full of sweet, sugary, dye-bright, casein full candy. (Made from pure corn, of course!) They do look lovely. And the kids, of course, want to share something fun as well.

We've done light sticks with Harry Potter cards, and lovely little tattoo furry cards, and one year we made foam-y lips or mustaches that attached to safe lollipops. (Those turned out cute, but very mom-work intensive)This year, I think we hit a true winner though...these adorable little caterpillars with tags attached that read "I'm Buggy about you, Valentine" and "You're all WRITE" (Both socially acceptable for a 5th grade girl to hand about freely.)

My youngest also made little tags for cute little heart mazes (yes, I know...landfill fodder *sigh*) that read "You a-MAZE me" she's very proud...and the best part is, they were cheap, encouraged the kids creativity and fine motor skill development, are completely allergy friendly...and they certainly are unlikely to be duplicated, today, anyways.

The only cloud in our sky is that the youngest (the one who can eat the dairy decadent gluten gorged feast planned for the afternoon) will be missing her party due to a fever. That's okay...I get to snuggle a sick baby (who isn't often a "baby") and the Valentines will keep; she doesn't need the sweets and we'll have our own party this weekend.

Besides, her birthday's coming...

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