Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello 2011!

The New Year comes, holding the promise of a clean slate.  A new year, a new beginning.
We're looking forward to leaving the health challenges of 2010 behind...and hopefully getting some help for health in 2011!
As far as resolutions go, we do have a few.  We're still working on taming the mealtime battles; so adding variety to everyone's diet (especially Bumblebee's) is forefront on the plans.  Not just variety, but consistent variety.  It's hard to experiment when my stomach can't...well, stomach it.  But we fully intend to try.  And to cut the grocery budget a bit, as well.  (we hope)
We're going to get outside more...the girls and I have compiled a list of 25 parks to visit.  Mostly small, neighborhood playground style...but we'll visit and then we'll write about them twice a month, or until our determination fizzles.  And since Bumblebee has stayed in her jammies all day today...stubbornly refusing to get fresh air or a refreshing bit of what we like to call 'rainshine'; I'm not sure we'll ever get through all 25.  But who knows what the next 52 weeks will bring!
I'm hoping that a plan to get outdoors will help get us all more fit.  
As for me...I'm working on a list of 25 classics/must reads that I've been putting off but always think "Oh, yeah...I should read that!"  Like Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand or Canturbury Tales or Don Quixote.  (all on there along with Self Reliance by Emerson)  If I can't afford classes, I can read on my own.  I'm also planning to start updating the Reading Hour blog more regularly.  I read a lot, but I don't often think to sit down and share what I just read.  I absorb the story, marinate in it for a bit and then move on quickly. I'll still be reading fluff, but I want more substance too. 
Meanwhile, I'm still feeling bleh...which makes the reading challenge so appealing...but I'm also feeling a little more positive about it.  Only 3 weeks or so until my next dr's appt.  I can get through 3 more weeks.
This year looks to be full of excitement.  It will be the year of science projects, as it's Penguin's last and Bumblebee's first year of required participation.  The official teen years will begin in about 3 months when Penguin turns 13; and this will be the last year of single digits for Bumblebee.  Two more big field trips, girl scout cookie sales, birthday parties...the next few months are simply full of activity. 

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