Sunday, January 30, 2011

When I first started this blog, I envisioned letting the world in on the trials and tribulations of living with a corn allergy.  In fact, I envisined a lot more triumph than continuing trial. 
Unfortunately, as I look back over the years, I see that I've led followers on a confusing voyage...not just corn, but other food intolerances...Not just food intolerances but a host of other, unique and nonsequitor ramblings.  I've let you into my life (which is awfully corny for being maize free) and ranted about GMO. 
All of which are important, in some step of the grand scheme oft hings...but not necessarilly quite what I anticipated doing.  (Luckily, I'm told this is what blogs are for...artless ramblings about everyday things.  Sometimes with a running theme) 
I just want to thank you all for hanging in there with me.
I've discovered that I'm not just dealing with a corn allergy.  I'm not sure what it is yet...although after years of looking, you'd think I'd have an inkling.   I'm getting closer...maybe.  And I'll keep you all (somewhat) updated. 
Meanwhile, I'm going to try and get back on track to the trials and tribulations...focusing on the tribulations...of life with food allergies. 
It's not easy to live with restrictions.  But the challenges presented in life should enhance it, not dull it.  Challenge adds flavor.  I've been looking at the boundaries as if they were a prison of sorts. 
I'm adapting my New Years resolutions to include embracing these boundaries.  So I can't walk out...I can still fly.  (I'm working on those wings, and promise to keep them well away from the sun.) 

(And for those who read my earlier diatribe on finance and food allergy...tonight's dinner was rice pasta, egg and a few veggies.  Approx $1.25 per serving.  Last night I served veggies, pasta and some sort of Trader Joe's meat protein for the girls.  It came to closer $2 per serving.  Still, not TOO bad.  Although Bumblebee supplemented hers with crackers.) 

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