Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Cure a Headache

It happens to all of us sooner or later.  That nagging, insistent pressure in your forehead, or just behind the eyes, or sometimes in the top of your head. 

Maybe not a full blown migraine.  Those are blessedly rare (whether sufferers can believe it or not).  But even a run of the mill headache can be miserable. 
If you have no food intolerances, your course of action is simple.  Head to your cupboard, or check your purse.  If you're out of pain killers, simply ask if anyone around you (preferably work or social friends) happens to have any Tylenol or Motrin.  Choose from the assortment offered. 
If you are sensitive to some ingredients, simply head to the corner store any hour of the day or night.  They won't even check your ID.  Choose from an entire display case full of extra strength, migraine, tension, PM, non-drowsy and many other variations of a formula for pain relief.  Read ingredients, choose what's appropriate, and you'll be out of their in under $10.  Even if you have a dye allergy, there are a few options available.  The most obvious are the dye free liquids for the 6-12 year olds, but there are a couple adult configurations as well. 
However, if you have a corn allergy, things get sticky.  If you've run out of your supply of safe meds, or it's your first headache since starting this journey, you need to start at the beginning.  Contact your medical doctor.  Weird, I know.  But it's the vital first step in the process of obtaining the simple, Over the Counter variety of pain relief the rest of America pops daily without inhibition.  You need to obtain a prescription that reads (your choice of pain killer, acetaminophen or ibuprofen) NO CORN DERIVATIVES.  Then you need to contact your local compounding pharmacy.  Or one that will work mail order with you, suck as Francks.  Ascertain that they are capable of obtaining the pure, unadulterated drug of your choice.  (There are a few compounding pharmacies that start with the ready made pills and just adapt them.  You want to avoid these pharmacies.)  Ensure that they understand what corn free entails (and that they believe microcrystalline cellulose can be derived from corn rather than always from trees)  Then drop off or fax in your prescription. 
In a few days to a week, you should be able to pick up safe pain killers.  The exact same dosage and active ingredient as the ones available at any drug store or supermarket, for only a few times the cost. 
It doesn't seem fair sometimes.  To keep an eye on the expiration date, and budget for a $100 bottle of something that so many can purchase for a 10th of the price.  To think and plan in advance, second guessing flu season and headaches and menstrual woes.  But, then I take one. 
Fortunately, the trade off of having meds that will kill off a headache at it's start is priceless. 

(And companies...if you stumble on this...we'd love more 'pure' options.  No dye.  No gluten, lactose, or corn.  Including microcrystalline cellulose.  We don't mind the less polished looking capsules, or paying a little extra for something with a shorter shelf life and fewer ingredients.  And although we may be in the minority right now, at least you won't have to compete for our business, at least at first.) 

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Michelle said...

I am good with BC powder. Had to take some Monday. To much wine on Sunday! :-)