Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Challenge Awaits

My husband has asked for help.  He wants to lose weight, and he craves sugar as if suddenly exposed to it after years of being deprived.
Bumblebee has asked for help liking vegetables.  She took recent nutrition curriculum, along with a short lecture from her doctor, very seriously.
And I'm just sick of being sick.  I reckon I'm on the mend, but there are a few tests still pending (expensive tests that need to be put off just a teensy, tiny bit) 
So...the challenge is based on a gluten free candida cleanse.  There will be salads at every evening meal, free access to veggies, a few non-gluten whole grains, and some new meals.  Most meals will be corn free.  The girls will be permitted dressings and moderate access to fruit (we really want Bumblebee to feel obligated to munch on veggies.  We know she likes some...we just need to get her to eat more of them than the safe, comforting carbs she craves) 
This weekend, dh is fasting.  Next week's menus include such goodies as roasted chicken, mashed turnips, egg salad and omelets.  Penguin is excited, she loves veggies and new things and that she won't be the only corny one not eating gluten.  Bumblebee is accepting but trepidatious.  She knows she can go for a long time without eating, but as we tell her...the point isn't NOT to eat.  The point is to eat healthy foods.
I'm telling myself it will make up for missing Lent.  And's much better than that liquid diet I just got off of.  I may make up a bit more gelatin, which although not candida friendly is acceptable on some candida style diets and I'm not supposed to eat raw veggies, they make my pancreas bite back.
I'm not sure the week's challenge will go...but I thought I'd share.  This way, we can't back out!


Meagan222 said...

Cornfree gelatin? What brand?

Violets said...

Good old unflavored Knox.
For how I make it Jello style. (Note: a sprinkle of cinnamon as the juice warms gives it nice flavor, even when you aren't sick.)

River Glorious said...

I hope you all make it. I'm gathering recipes for my family. They are supportive, and sometimes want corn-free too so we can all eat together.

God's best!