Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Huggers

Earth day is here.  Corn allergies make one much more in tune to what is going on in the environment.  Pesticide residue, genetically modified organisms and the honey bee disappearance all seem to appear when you start asking questions about corn and corn syrup.

And then there is the food supply.  Artificial food colorings are derived from what?  Crude oil?  I'm not allergic to that.  I don't think.  But do I want it in my body?  What else is in our food that we don't know to think about?

Earth day is the day to remember to ask.

What are we doing to save the Earth?  Probably not nearly enough.  I still drive more than I'd like.  My car isn't electric or even a hybrid.  We still use processed foods, and my garden is a hopeless tangle of weeds.  But, this week when my husband took the trash out on trash night he popped his head back in to say "Really?  There's just one kitchen bag full of trash out there.  Are you sure we emptied all the cans?" (Yes, we had!)  And then he informed me that the recycling bin couldn't quite close all the way.  Good news for Earth week.


Evelyn Chua said...

Here's a big hug from this earth hugger from Malaysia! :)

atinder said...

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