Sunday, January 31, 2010

Counting Blessings

As the song says, some days are diamonds, and some days are stones.  When you find yourself thinking you need a slingshot to get rid of the stones, it's time to sit down and polish them.  So instead of complaining, I decided to start a list of blessings.

I'm thankful that I have a curious child, who chooses complicated self-created (or adapted) science projects instead of the typical "model of a solar system" variety.  And that she at least tries to clean up after herself. 

I'm thankful I have another child who refuses to go with the crowd, read what other kids are reading or watch what other kids are watching simply because "everyone else is".  She needs a reason.  It's frustrating, but it's a good quality that might keep her out of trouble someday.  

I'm thankful for food allergies, that keep us from falling into the pizza practice, make us aware of the ingredients of our foods, and help us to focus on whole foods rather than fake "food like substances".

We have an opportunity to begin with new doctors and a new slate, not square one.  Maybe the new doctors will be more informed about corn allergies and gluten intolerance and migraines and all our myriad of issues.  And if not, this is a great opportunity to educate them.  Hopefully with a minimum of discomfort and expenditure.  (Note that I'm working hard on this diamonds out of stone theory.)

Our kids are blessed with people who love them enough to fill our house with toys, and our kids are grateful enough to appreciate these tokens of affection.  To play with them, love them, and use them often.

Even if my car did die, I'm blessed with the ability to borrow spare family cars until the time when I find a car that meets all my personal needs (will run for several years without needing major overhaul repairs, will seat at least 5 safely, decent gas mileage, and is within our low budget.)  

The rose Bumblebee helped me plant a few years ago is still alive and appears happy, if not bush like.

The library is chock full of books I've never read, and my body ensures I take the time to enjoy them.  (Or at least that I have time to read them)  I'm next on the waiting list for "Her Fearful Symmetry", and just returned "Graceling".

We may eat an awful lot of rice pasta, but we manage to gather around the table and eat as a family fairly regularly.

Chocolate.  I'm eternally grateful for chocolate, especially Enjoy Life chocolate chips which not only hit the spot on their own, but make a perfect addition to baked goods. 

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