Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Years!

It's that time again.
Another year has been and gone.  Time to reflect upon the lessons from the past, and contemplate the future.

2009 was Mr. Violet's first full year working away from retail and he loves it.  But his job is still influenced greatly by economic spending so we enter 2010 with a certain degree of uncertainty.  We also get new health insurance, which means brand new doctors.  A potentially mixed blessing, given our palette of  health concerns and informed choices.

Penguin graduated Elementary school, and is growing into a lovely tween (even if I do say so as her mother.)  So far, I'm liking choices she makes and the reasons she makes them.  Although sometimes she also leaves me utterly baffled.  I'm told that tweens are notorious for befuddling their parents.

Bumblebee gave up food dyes.  Not sure what the greater impact of this decision is yet, but I don't really want petrochemicals in her body regardless of their obvious effects.

And me?  I'm hanging in there.  One New Years Resolution will have to be to get my gut back under control, since for the last several months it seems more like it's dictating plans rather than occasionally reminding me it's there.  (The new doctors, fresh outlook, thing might help that.  I'm planning to keep an open mind.)

As a family, we're doing good.  Last year's resolutions went well.
Although we didn't find 3 full meals that we ALL can and will eat, we did find time to sit together as a family several times a week.  Lots of meals that will feed 3, and the fourth will either eat what's safe, or get a snack afterward.  We're eating too much rice.  But, well, at least it has fiber. 
I've read more this year, although I didn't quite make it through the alphabet.  I read multiple books in each letter I covered...surely that counts for something?  I'm looking forward to continuing the reading in the new year...especially nonfiction. And the girls talked me into starting a reading blog, which we'll hopefully update in the new year.
I didn't gain the weight I need to.  The summer-long stomach flu didn't help.   But I did reintroduce chicken, tuna, wasabi, and nutmeg to the dietary repertoire.  In fact, we've tried a new food every other month, failing only soy and raw stuff.  :) 
Our spending has been much more thoughtful.  Not that we were ever big on buying throw away toys, but it does get challenging when birthdays come to balance fun affordability with environmentally responsible options.  (We use real plates, our trash can is rarely overflowing on trash day, but we've room for improvement.  Party favors are tempting, even if they'll only last ten minutes.)

We do have some resolutions for the new year.  Well, we've been working on them for awhile.  The calendar change gives us good motivation to stop talking and act.
  • The most important, I think, is the only one I'll share.  This will involve less chocolate, more meal planning.  Set in stone: Every weekend we'll make a platter of cut fruit or veggies for after school snacks and to add a handful of to lunches.  It won't last the week, but it'll get more easily available nutrients into the kids and dh.  (I'll strive to eat something nourishing, and not pine for the raw stuff I can't digest.)  It will also involve more walks.  Hopefully once a week, at least.  Depending on Penguin's migraines and Mr. Violet's knee, of course.  This may be good motivation to resurrect our park parades.  Or maybe just walk around the block now and again.  

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