Thursday, January 07, 2010

"I want a new sister!"

Fed up with migraines, and longer homework assignments, and the tweenager attitude, Bumblebee has decided that she needs a new sister.  She complains.  She whines.  She points out that a new model would be less work all around.  And wouldn't cost a thing, since we're all set for Penguin. 

Unfortunately, she's been informed that a new sister is completely out of the question. 

So she devised a new plan.  She'd like her best friend C to trade places with Penguin.  Penguin likes C's sisters.  C's mom could probably use Penguin's help babysitting.  C does not like her sisters and is too young to babysit. 

Penguin could sleep in the bottom bunk at C's house, and C could sleep in the top bunk here, eliminating the "top bunk is too scary" bedtime battle we have nightly.  (Their bedtime battle is apparently over the fact that the bottom bunk is too boring.)  C would play good games with Bumblebee.  They would go to the same school, together, at the same time.  This would be easier for everyone.  They could share clothes. 
She saves her best argument for last.  "AND, C doesn't even like cheese, so she won't mind not eating any if she's my sister."  (I guess if they switch places, allergies are automatically reallocated?) 

"Hmmm,"  I answer, "But what about gluten?  She might miss crackers, and sunny butter sandwiches." 

Bumblebee freezes.  She cocks her head only for a moment before saying, "Well, she can't have everything you know!  She'll just have to get used to it!" 

And she storms off to sulk in her room.  

Later both kids come running out to inform me that I'm having another baby. 
In 3 years. 
It's going to be a girl. 
Blinking eyes really fast.
And, it won't have migraines or food allergies. 
Bumblebee grins. 
I look hopelessly from one face to the other. 
"We asked the magic 8 ball." 
Oh.  Well, of course.  

At least they're on speaking terms again.  And it looks like Penguin can stay. 

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